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Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI)

OWRI Online (OWRIO) functions as a data entry interface, which includes an upload map feature. OWRIO users may view existing OWRI projects upon request. For existing OWRI projects, users may view individual project data or see a summary of project results.

  • Save time, paper and postage
  • Enter your data at one sitting or over many sessions
  • View your data at any time
  • Verify project feature ensures that required data are entered.
  • Clone project feature allows data to be copied and then modified for use in another project
  • Upload map feature provides easy upload and viewing capabilities
  • See a list of all treatments available. List can be viewed in alphabetic or traditional sort order. The list is available from the Help page or from the Activities page.
  • What's New??
    • Customized experience for OSWB program users
    • Visit the Estuarine tab to report project activities designed to improve, restore, reconnect or create estuarine habitat.
    • Visit the Riparian tab to report livestock crossing improvements (e.g. hardened crossings, trailer bridges) or water gap developments.
    • Visit the Upland tab to report constructed wetland for wastewater treatment.
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