Site Identification
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GW LogID: CLAC 4041 Well Log Database
GW Well Tag Number:
Tag Verified on Well: No
Site Type: WELL
Unused Status:
Site Source Organization:
Site Source OWRD:
Established By: KARL WOZNIAK
Established Date: 06/30/2006
Bonded Company: S & M DRILLING & SUPPLY INC.
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Latitude: 45.40917025 Horiz. Error: 50.00 ft.
Longitude: -122.51997402 Datum: WGS1984
TRSQQ: WM 2.00S2.00E11NESE
Tax Map:
Basin: 2 - Willamette
County: Clackamas
WM District: 20
WM Region: NW
LSD Elev: 148.00 Accy: 5.00 Datum: NGVD1929
Elev Source: 7.5-MINUTE MAP
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Well Construction History
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Well Construction History
Well Log idWell LogWork TypeStartcardWell TagOwner NameFirst WaterMax Case. Diam.Max Case. Depth.Max Seal Depth.Max DepthCompleted DepthComplete Date
CLAC 4041 LogNEW  RIVER BEND MOBILE HOME PARK38.0010  824.00820.002/23/1973
CLAC 4040 LogALTERATION  RIVER BEND MOBILE HOME PARK 10  824.00820.008/29/1973
Well LogAquiferAq at Max DepthSystem AquiferRegional USGS AquiferLocal USGS Aquifer
CLAC 4041 Quaternary-Late Tertiary sediment Aq Quaternary-Late Tertiary sediment Aq Quaternary-Late Tertiary Sediment Aquifers
CLAC 4040 Quaternary-Late Tertiary sediment Aq Quaternary-Late Tertiary sediment Aq Quaternary-Late Tertiary Sediment Aquifers
Well Test
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Start DepthEnd DepthPrim. LithologyLithology Desc.Water Bearing ZoneWater Bearing Zone WL
0.00 1.00 Soil Soil
1.00 6.00 Clay Yellow Clay
6.00 39.00 Clay Clay & Boulders
39.00 118.00 Sandstone Sandstone
118.00 197.00 Sandstone Sandstone
197.00 218.00 Sand Sand
218.00 246.00 Clay Blue Clay
246.00 257.00 Sand Black Sand
257.00 273.00 Sand Sand & Silt
273.00 281.00 Clay Blue Clay
281.00 293.00 Sand Sand & Silt
293.00 334.00 Sandstone Sandstone
334.00 397.00 Clay Blue Clay
397.00 412.00 Sand Sand & Silt
412.00 447.00 Clay Clay & Silt
447.00 465.00 Sand Sand & Silt
465.00 478.00 Sand Sand & Clay
478.00 503.00 Clay Blue Clay
503.00 535.00 Sandstone Sandstone
535.00 600.00 Claystone Claystone
600.00 652.00 Clay Blue Clay
652.00 665.00 Clay Blue Clay
665.00 667.00 Claystone Claystone
667.00 671.00 Sand Sand
671.00 684.00 Claystone Claystone
684.00 695.00 Claystone Claystone
695.00 776.00 Clay Clay & Sand
776.00 798.00 Clay Blue Clay
798.00 824.00 Sand Black Sand
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Measured Water Level
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Measured Water Level
DateTimeWater Level (BLSD)WL Elev (ft AMSL)OrganizationOWRDMethodStatusMP Height
4/4/1989  136.14 11.86 USGS GWATER UNKNOWNSTATIC 
4/8/1988  132.70 15.30 USGS GWATER UNKNOWNSTATIC 
4/8/1987  125.40 22.60 USGS GWATER UNKNOWNSTATIC 
3/6/1973  26.40 121.60 USGS GWATER UNKNOWNSTATIC 
2/22/1973  24.00 124.00 DRILLER WELL LOG UNKNOWNSTATIC 
Geochemistry Samples
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Unnormalized Major Elements
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Normalized Major Elements
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Trace Elements XRF
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Trace Elements - ICPMS
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Flow Meter/Power Meter
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Available Data
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Aquifer Test Completed:
Geophysical Log Completed:
Water Chemistry:
Flowing Well:
Rock Geochemistry:
OWRD Recorder:
Other OWRD Recorder:
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Measured Water Levels
Source Typedate_mindate_maxcountminmaxavgjan_avgfeb_avgmar_avgapr_avgmay_avgjun_avgjul_avgaug_avgsep_avgoct_avgnov_avgdec_avg
CMBE3/6/19734/4/1989426.40136.14105.16  26.40131.41        
OWRD3/6/19734/4/1989426.40136.14105.16  26.40131.41        
Recorder Water Levels
Mean Daily and Instantaneous Recorder Water Levels
Other Identifiers
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Other Identifiers
Identity NameIdentityIs DuplicateDescriptionLink
OWRD GWR 029 02S/02E-11DAB Leonard, A.R., and Collins, C.A., 1983 Ground water in the northern part of Clackamas County, Oregon: State of Oregon Water Resources Dept., Ground Water Report No. 29.
USGS SITE ID 452431122310701 U.S. Geological Survey SiteidReport