Today's Date: Friday, May 20, 2022

    Last Calculated Cost Values
Base Application Fee. $1,570.00  
Number of proposed cubic feet per second (cfs) to be appropriated.
(1 cfs = 448.83 gallons per minute)
Number of proposed Use's for the appropriated water.
(i.e. Irrigation, Supplemental Irrigation, Pond Maintenance, Industrial, Commercial, etc)  *
Number of proposed groundwater points of appropriation. (i.e. number of wells)
(include all injection wells, if applicable) **
Permit Recording Fee. ***
* the 1st Water Use is included in the base cost.
** the 1st groundwater point of appropriation is included in the base cost.
*** the Permit Recording Fee is not required when the application is submitted but, must be paid before a permit will be issued. It is fully refundable if a permit is not issued. If the recording fee is not paid prior to issuance of the Final Order, permit issuance will be delayed.
Estimated cost of Permit Application