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Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI)

You are invited to report completed restoration projects to the Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI) through OWRI Online (OWRIO). OWRI relies on a combination of mandatory and voluntary project reporting. Mandatory reporting is required for restoration grants administered by OWEB, DEQ 319 grants, and some ODFW R & E program grants and DSL permits. We encourage voluntary reporting of projects and accept data throughout the year, especially during the OWRI Annual Call for Data.

OWRIO users may view existing OWRI projects upon request. For existing OWRI projects, users may view individual project data or see a summary of project results.

OWRIO Features include:

  • • Enter your data at one sitting or over many sessions
  • • View your data at any time
  • • Share reporting responsibilities with project partners
  • • Verify project feature ensures that required data are entered
  • • Clone project feature allows data to be copied and then modified for use in another project
  • • Upload map feature provides easy upload and viewing capabilities
  • • Customized interface for OSWB program users
  • • See a list of all treatments available. List can be viewed in alphabetic or traditional sort order. The list is available from the Help page or from the Activities page.
We’re looking forward to learning about your restoration projects.

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What is the Oregon Watershed Restoration Inventory (OWRI)?