Water Use Report Based on Water Right

Permit: G 16026

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Acre-feet (AF) of Water Used
Water Year*Report IDFacilityOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepTotal Water UsedIrrigated Acres
202019530RIVERBEND SOUTH WELL (DESC 57658) (GW HAS DESC 5640) 
202046781CHINA HAT WELL 1 (DESC 50740/L-4580) 
202046782PARRELL ROAD WELL (DESC 50986)170.41170.98176.72176.72163.00176.72171.02166.6682.30176.72155.83170.991958.09 
202062847DESCHUTES R WOODS WELL 4 (DESC 55124/L-58412)86.4310.311.2530.8017.800.9291.59189.18217.77227.21204.50194.081271.83 
202063433CHINA HAT 2 / WELL 4 (DESC 52881/L-40122)188.81100.2185.930.170.00106.06174.54111.5689.0876.2995.3580.331108.33 
201919530RIVERBEND SOUTH WELL (DESC 57658) (GW HAS DESC 5640) 
201946781CHINA HAT WELL 1 (DESC 50740/L-4580)0.916.040.9156.5380.9798.7029.451.65122.56166.51155.45125.34845.01 
201946782PARRELL ROAD WELL (DESC 50986)127.20171.02176.72176.72159.62176.72106.91145.2984.64128.52164.52170.121788.02 
201962847DESCHUTES R WOODS WELL 4 (DESC 55124/L-58412)13.820.000.0022.19162.92168.9222.19170.61168.92222.33199.77205.201356.88 
201963433CHINA HAT 2 / WELL 4 (DESC 52881/L-40122)211.53117.5886.8740.500.910.680.234.16192.56224.70213.64217.531310.90 
*The water year is named for the calendar year in which it ends. Example: the 2018 water year begins Oct. 1, 2017 and ends Sep. 30, 2018.

  • The Water Resources Department makes reasonable efforts to screen the data for quality control; however, the Department cannot accept responsibility for errors, omissions, or accuracy of the information. Notification of any errors is appreciated. Send notifications to wateruse@wrd.state.or.us or call 971-345-7489.
  • Water use is reported by point of diversion (POD), rather than by water right.
  • If a POD is shared with multiple water rights, it is not feasible to separate out the amount used under the water right being queried from water used by other rights using this same POD.
  • Monthly amounts indicate:
    • For diverted rights, the total amount diverted during the month;
    • For storage rights, the amount generally stored in the reservoir/pond during the month, as represented by the volume of water impounded on approximately the same day each month.
  • Water use amounts have all been converted to “acre-feet” (AF), regardless of the original measurement unit reported. One AF is the volume of water that will cover an acre of ground one foot deep = 325,850 gallons.
  • Zeroes indicate that a report was received stating that no water was used during those months; if a year is not listed, no report of water use was received for that year.