Places of Use from Water Rights in the Same Area

The following rights have acreage in the same quarter-quarter as Cert:22933 OR *

RightNameDecreeAppPermitCertPriorityStatusUseT-R-S-QQ DLCGov't LotAcres
CERT:73161 OR * OREGON WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT IS-71427 73161 3/25/1991 NC F3 14.00S-12.00W-26-NESW   
F3 14.00S-12.00W-26-SESW   
F3 14.00S-12.00W-26-SWSW   
CERT:59739 OR * OREGON WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT MF-520 59739 7/12/1966 NC F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-NESW   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-SESW   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-SWSW   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-27-SESE   
CERT:59608 OR * OREGON WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT MF-521 59608 3/26/1974 NC F4 14.00S-12.00W-27-SESE   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-SWSW   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-27-SWSE   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-SESW   
F4 14.00S-12.00W-26-NESW   
CERT:5431 OR * LYDA A SMITH S-8336 S-5414 5431 4/13/1922 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NESE   
CERT:6352 OR * W R LAMB S-8531 S-5559 6352 7/26/1922 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
CERT:7408 OR * LUMBERMENS TRUST CO. S-10430 S-6989 7408 10/21/1925 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
CERT:11518 CR * PETER FREDERICK S-10517 S-7072 11518 12/10/1925 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
CERT:9077 OR * L A PEEK S-12919 S-9202 9077 8/15/1929 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
CERT:10798 OR * FRED PURATH S-13527 S-9720 10798 6/18/1930 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-SWSW   
CERT:9890 OR * A.W. WATKINS S-14618 S-10609 9890 6/18/1932 NC DI 14.00S-12.00W-27-NESE   
CERT:14105 OR * A R CARPENTER S-15465 S-11358 14105 8/8/1934 NC DI 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWSE 3 
DI 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWSE 4 
CERT:17092 OR * ROSS H LINNVILLE S-21579 S-16957 17092 4/25/1946 NC DI 14.00S-12.00W-27-NENE   
CERT:27682 OR * J HERMAN REEVES S-29186 S-22995 27682 5/20/1954 NC IR 14.00S-12.00W-34-NENE 11.2000
CERT:31184 OR * R B/LILLIAN BOALS S-32073 S-25305 31184 1/21/1958 NC IR 14.00S-12.00W-34-NENE 10.5000
PERMIT: S 31979 * SOUTHWEST LINCOLN COUNTY WATER PUD S-42767 S-31979 9/6/1966 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NENE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWNE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SENE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWNE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NENW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWNW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SENW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWNW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NESE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWSE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-22-SWSE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-22-SESE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SWSE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWSE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-SESE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NENE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NWNE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-SWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-SESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-26-NESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NESE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NWSE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SENE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SWNE   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NENW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NWNW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SENW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SWNW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-NWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SESW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SWSW   
DO 14.00S-12.00W-27-SESE   
CERT:46431 OR * ALBERT O DAHL S-51854 S-39146 46431 NC ID 14.00S-12.00W-34-SWNE 20.2500
CERT:52380 OR * VICTOR/LEONE BROWN S-53101 S-38207 52380 5/9/1975 NC IR 14.00S-12.00W-27-SENE  0.4000
CERT:65471 OR * ROBERT ASHWORTH S-63409 S-47035 65471 3/16/1982 NC DO 14.00S-12.00W-34-NWSE 3 
CERT:68304 OR * MARTHA V TRACY S-69605 S-50418 68304 5/3/1988 NC IR 14.00S-12.00W-27-SESE  0.0300